anxiety, bipolar, substance abuse

a true story

as i sit here finishing the entire box of cornflakes, my mind wanders.

i hate the way i behaved when i worked at the stock brokerage. my boss overheard me telling some people that i injected insulin in my neck. i told them bout how my throat closed up and blood ran down my neck while i contemplated calling 911.


2 thoughts on “a true story”

  1. I’m glad you no longer work at the stock brokerage, and that your insulin injection didn’t send you to the Beyond!!!!! What a story!

    Your blog title and tagline are certainly spot-on – this post alone is an adventure in existence, and yes, what we read could be anything!

    Wishing you well and I look forward to your next post,

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    1. me too! that place sucked the life out you. i didn’t think the injection would do anything much, i was just in one of those BPD psychotic moods. i was very scared when my throat swelled up! it was over quickly, i was fine, but you can bet i never did it again!

      i’m glad you like the blog! i have had quite a life, i need all sorts of different ways to express all my feelings!

      there will be more, lots more! 🙂

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