a belly dancer by night

she was a doctor during the day and a belly dancer by night. she gave one up and embraced the other. texts from the hospital. i drew for her. then she disappeared, which might have been a good thing. you should have seen her costumes, i should have, too. tucking dollar bills into her hip hugging pants. she knew how to swing it, how to flex all the muscles of her belly…what a surprise!

ATC blended 3

i was a surprise. i wonder how many people are. do they tell you just to hurt you, because they’re careless or because they think it might help. ha! honestly, i don’t know what i’d choose. in the movies theaters the popcorn costs dollars that could go to auntie’s physical therapy. the movies make physical therapy look like it takes a one minute montage of painful exercises.

ATC flying

toes are digits, are they not? if they are, will they count me? count me in! i asked for a bud light and they were happy. i asked for a bottle of water and they were flabbergasted. i had to say three times, no really, that’s all i want. i tipped her anyway.


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