i hear it all the time

is there anything wrong? i hear it all the time; sometimes from my mouth and sometimes from the mouths of other people. we ask because we think there is something wrong with us. there’s always something wrong. don’t listen to what they tell you, just survive. ATC candy slide

the beauty of survival is that’s it’s a never ending goal. you can hang onto it where there is nothing else. your dreams are drugs, dilaudid, morphine, percoset. never enough, there’s never enough bread in the house either. he buys it, i eat it. all of it. one after another. one is strange. i wish i knew what one was like. i always want more and the bipolar will never let me be one. maybe i’ll become tripolar. i’m bi-winning! that’s what charlie said and though i can’t relate,well, actually, i can.

ATC blood and bluebirds

relate, does that have anything to do with relations? relatives? little ones, big ones, they can all can all take a hike. hikes are like a never ending goal, or so it seems. it seems so, it does, and why shouldn’t i believe it? i believe, what do i believe? it’s it ok to believe nothing?


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