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blueberry picking

when you go blueberry picking one person has to to slap the mosquitoes off of the person who’s picking. not worth it. malaria, that’s what mosquitoes are all about. i found out they cause many other diseases. foul beasts! itching, oh god, evil. some people think itching is better than hurting. i might have to agree.

ATC color in the dark

bee stings are even scarier. i’ve seen several people puff up and die. i’d rather shrink down and die. when in hawaii, never pass up a pina colada, or a lei. the bars you can swim up to seem so exotic. fake thatch roofs. makes me thing of wattle and daub.  why isn’t it daub and wattle?

ATC commision quartet 1

once we found a $20 bill on the sidewalk and she actually pushed me aside and took it for herself. would you call her greedy? most people would. she gave me codeine for hangovers. i threw up and then took them. went back to bed and woke up happy, if you can call my kind of glee happiness. more like successful escape.


4 thoughts on “blueberry picking”

  1. I remember blueberry picking. It was my first job. I was 11 but somehow they let me pick though I should have been twelve. I dropped my thing of picked blueberries. They didn’t want them because they were dirty.


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