i don’t understand.

i don’t understand how i ever survived the rave scene in san francisco, the fab ’90s, i did it. i don’t know how, but  i did. evermore i don’t know what i mean by that, must have something to do with what peter knows about and he made a pumpkin pie. we ate most of it for breakfast.

ATC black squiggles

but what i really wanna know is where are all the laundry mats. i’m trying to slow it down i want to makes sense. ugly secrets and i still have more so many broken promises . coffee is different now. he roasts the beans himself. roasting usually involves animals.

ATC burning ember

i look at the shirt i’m wearing and i see it is clean. i just put it on. it feels good. the side of the computer is so dusty, but i bet the inside is frighteningly full. the heat comes on and static electricity zips everywhere. i can almost see it. i can hear it.

ATC blue green watercolor

i don’t know if today is good or bad. i’m bingeing, but i’m not crying. i have a cold but i can concentrate. i’ve already disassociated most of it.

ATC neontastic


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